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Strength and Hope for Alyssa #LBLMoms #LBLHope

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There’s no love stronger than a parent’s love for their child/children.  When you have a sick child, it can be the scariest feeling in the world.

As parents, I think we can relate to the feelings of other parents going through hardships (like having a child in the hospital or living with chronic illness). When my friend, Annie mentioned that her daughter was ill, the blogging community was there for her.


In a recent blog post, Annie says:

In the last year my daughter has battled and still is battling some of these: organ failure, Rheumatoid arthritis, Clostridium difficile (also known as C. Diff.) and Crohns Disease. She is still here smiling every day no matter how much pain she is in – keeping a positive outlook on life as her life is put on hold as we try to get her body to put Crohns into remission.

Our friend, Sheri at Kidsumers created Alyssa’s Medical Fund.

Alyssa is now fighting off a c-diff infection, something that many Crohn’s patients deal with at some point. This means all Crohn’s treatments are on hold while she fights off the c-diff. It also means more expensive medications and probiotics to offset the negative effects that antibiotics have on Crohn’s disease.

Since Alyssa has not responded to the other medications, her best chance at getting into remission is through an immunosuppressant like Remicade. Unfortunately, remicade is an extremely expensive medication and Alyssa does not have any coverage for medications. Her family has attempted to get funding through government programs, without success, and she is currently waiting to find out if she is approved for disability benefits…a process that is often denied on the first attempt and could take months to even get an answer.

I think of Annie, Alyssa and their family often and wish I could help somehow.  I would love for them to know that they are in my thoughts.  I know that this might be but a small gesture, but hopefully somehow these Strength and Hope cards from Lunchbox Love can offer some comfort and inspiration.

Lunchbox Love for Strength and Hope



It is my hope that Alyssa receives the treatment she needs so she can lead a healthy, active life and do the things she is used to doing — like being a teenager and hanging out with her friends.

I also hope that Annie knows that she has the love and support from her online community and that I am here for her always. I’d like to nominate Annie for the  Lunchbox Love Strength and Hope campaign.

As a Lunchbox Love ambassador, one of the things I am most excited about is the Lunchbox Love Strength & Hope notes!  Strength and Hope was developed to provide loved ones with a heartfelt message as well as powerful quotes to inspire words of hope.

Lunchbox Love ambassadors have been asked to nominate a loved one who is or has been going through a difficult time and has shared their story.  Bloggers who are nominated can link up here to share their stories.

Why do I love the Strength and Hope notes?  As I love sharing some thoughtful notes of inspiration in my child’s lunchbox so she knows I’m thinking of her even when she’s at school, these special notes let those going through a rough time know that they are in our thoughts.  Strength and Hope notes can offer encouragement through times when we may not have the right words or do not know what to say.  They’re a great way to spread some love, comfort and support.

Some ways to use Strength and Hope notes:

  • You can add them to a personal card
  • Drop off a note in someone’s mailbox
  • Attach Strength and Hope note to a bouquet of flowers
  • Attach Strength and Hope notes to some freshly baked treats or a care package for someone who needs some love and strength.
  • If your friend is spending days at the hospital caring for a loved one, include a note with a homemade freezer meal for your friend’s family.

The simple, heartfelt messages on the front of each card give your friend the comfort of knowing you are there for them while the powerful quotes on the back inspire with words of hope.

I’m sure you can find a person or two in your life who could use some strength and hope…and knowing that you are thinking of them.

Connect with Lunchbox Love at, on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and on Pinterest. Follow the  #LBLmoms and #LBLhope hashtags to read some inspiring and heartfelt stories.

Annie, I hope that on days when you need comfort the most, you’ll find the words on these cards helpful, inspiring, encouraging and through them, know that I am there for you even if not physically.  Please give Alyssa our love and we are thinking of her and praying for her.


Disclosure: I’m a member of the Lunchbox Love Mom Panel. I received special perks through my affilation, however as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.

XOXO, Christine


  1. Alyssa sounds like a sweet girl, and this is such a touching story. I will definitely keep her in my prayers.

    • Thanks so much, Victoria!

  2. My dear friend…. words can not express the love I have been feeling over the last few weeks. Having a sick child and feeling so helpless as a parent is not anything I wish on anyone ever. No child should have to go through what my child is going through and yet at the same time I feel like she is one of the lucky ones because she is still alive.

    This post and Sheri’s have brought many tears and I can not express my thanks enough as words just don’t seem to come very easily when it comes to my Alyssa. So I will sign off with only what I can Thank-you!

    • Big hugs for you, my friend! Thinking of you guys often and hope Alyssa receives the treatment she needs. xoxo

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