The List! #WordlessWednesday w/ Linky @MC_Canada @SearsCA - Life on Manitoulin

The List! #WordlessWednesday w/ Linky @MC_Canada @SearsCA

Posted by on November 20, 2013 in Family, Featured | 19 comments

She’s making a list, 

She’s checking it twice!

She’s gonna find out if Santa’s gonna be nice!


Okay, so I can’t write lyrics or clever jingles like my friend Nugglemama can.  Here’s Little One pouring over the Sears Toy Shop Book (and circling every single thing on every single page).

The List


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Do your kids have a wish list?  What is one present they would love to receive?

XOXO, Christine


  1. Oh my gosh that is so cute! It reminds me of doing that myself when I was younger.

  2. Oh man does this take me back! The wishbook arriving was a HUGE event!!

  3. And this is why I don’t give the kids the toy books! LOL Too cute!

  4. Hahaha. This looks much like me from earlier today. Only difference is R-A is smaller and cuter! :)

  5. Catalogue list making is the way to go!?!! SO CUTE!

  6. That’s a cute picture! I’m sure my daughters have a list but it’s in their heads still! They let us know if they see something they want… :)

  7. Oh my kids have had their lists for months now. It changes though just like their Halloween costumes always change. My girl wants tech gadgets. The little one wants a shuffle, plus TMNT anything! Plus also massive accessories for her American Girl dolls.Oh and the new Pokemon Nintendo game.

  8. She wants games and Flutterby Fairies :)

  9. lol…Christine, that is exactly what my daughter used to do too…she would circle just about every item on each page!

  10. Boo did his Santa letter last night. He’s asking for Skylanders Swap Force and Lego.
    I remember my brother and I going through the Sears Wish Book every year, each with a different coloured marker, and circling half the dang book :)

    • Awww! I remember doing that as a kid too, Deb!

  11. my boys are the same way, even with the flyers that come to the house!

  12. Aww, I loved looking through the Sears toy book as a kid and a teenager.

  13. I always had the opposite problem with my son – when asked what he’d like he always says “nothing”, and really means it!

    • Awww! That’s a GOOD thing, Erika!!! :)

  14. That’s what my toy book looks like too!

    • Tee hee! She pretty much circled the entire book!

  15. My son desperately wants a Wii U… that is all. end of list. Apparently, we will have a problem if I can’t get one for less then $300.

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