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A Knight (Okay, A ‘Night’) to Remember! Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament {Giveaway}

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Something only my friends I went to CÉGEP  and university with know about me is that I have a deep fascination for the Medieval Period (particularly the architecture, churches, and society of that time).  I studied the Middle Ages in my Liberal Arts and English Literature courses.  Prior to post-secondary education, I always had a  romanticized view of the Medieval Period.  I very quickly learned that the latter part of the Middle Ages was marked by difficulties and calamities including famine, plague, and war.

My Little One is at an age where she loves all things princesses, castles, knights, and  chivalry.  She loves dressing up as a princess and her playroom is her kingdom with all of her stuffed animals being her lords, ladies, etc. She only just turned five years old, so I haven’t told her about the all the dark aspects of that time period — Like the controversy and heresy within the Church or  the warfare between states, civil wars, and peasant revolts occurring in the kingdoms.

For now, I’ll let her be a princess and experience the magic of Medieval Times.

Speaking of which, on one of my birthdays in my early twenties, friends took me to Medieval Times in Toronto to celebrate.  I had always wanted to go to experience a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament!  I was so curious to check it out!  It was a spectacular Dinner & Tournament!

Definitely a Knight to Remember!

Okay, the entire evening was fabulous, but my girlfriends and I were totally smitten by one particular knight!  Too funny!  We say that we went for the Dinner and Tournament experience, but we all  knew we really went for the knights!  We laugh about it to this day!

medieval times joust

Knights riding on majestic horses.

Sword wielding.

Sparks flying.

What’s not to love, right?


The Dinner

Medieval Times serves a four-course meal fit for royalty. When I attended, I was vegetarian. At the time, I don’t think there were any vegetarian options, but as I peruse the Medieval Times website, I’m excited to see that there is a vegetarian option available.  I have since married a beef farmer, and am eating meat again.  I will partake in His Royal Highness’ meal on December 8th!

His Majesty’s Royal Feast includes:

  • Oven Roasted Chicken
  • Tomato Bisque Soup
  • Garlic Bread
  • Herb-Roasted Potato
  • Spare Rib
  • Pastry of the Castle
  • Select Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Thinking back at the last time I was at Toronto Castle for the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, I kind of giggled because we were served “Baby Dragon”, (roasted chicken) and we had to eat without cutlery. I just know my husband and our little one will absolutely LOVE this part!

We’ll be at Toronto Castle for Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament next month!  Little One is cheering on the Green Knight!  We were checking out the website and she is quite smitten!

Would you like to come with us?


medieval times

Do you have children that love horses, falconry, kingdoms, and  brave knights? You can join us at Medieval Times Toronto on Sunday December 8, 2013 for some food, entertainment and family fun!

ENTER by filling out the Rafflecopter form below. We have two family passes up for grabs (5 people max per family). Don’t forget to comment telling us why you want to attend!  Giveaway ends on Monday November 18, 2013 11:59PM EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I am Medieval Times Brand Ambassador and have received compensation for this post. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.

XOXO, Christine


  1. This would be amazing, we live so close and have never been, the show looks amazing. Im sure for my son he would love the food and my daughter would be all about the horses :)

  2. We have never been to there and I think my kids would be very excited to see the Knights performance while everyone can enjoy a great dinner!

  3. Have never been to medieval times. it should be quite intersting.

  4. I’m really trying to push family time right now instead of toys this Christmas. My boys would just love this!!!

  5. i’d love to take my kids because i’d love to see the smiles on their little faces. With all boys, we get a lot of battle games in our home and i’d love for them to experience something so cool like this!

  6. Would love to go! The costumes, horses and action look exciting!

  7. i think my daughter would love the horses

  8. My kids would definitely like the horses and the bird that flies around

  9. My son would love eating “dragon” lol!”

  10. I would love to take your family to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament because it would be an amazing experience, my family can learn about the medieval times and see live horses & knights in action.

  11. My girls would love the horses and the princess.

  12. what better entertainment is there than to watch knights prove who’s worthily of kiss from the princess even better is the food

  13. My son’s would pass out loving the fighting. My 5 yo is obsessed with knights!

  14. My family has always wanted to go to Medival Times but have never been. I know my 4 year old son would LOVE to see the Knights on the horses spar!

  15. I would like to take my family to Medieval Times because it would be an awesome family experience to be remembered. I think they will like the live jousting tournament the most.

  16. My kids would love the horses and the princess.

  17. I’d like to take my family to see the show, tournaments, great food and learn about old traditions.

  18. Im sure DS and heck DH would love the opportunity to not use utensils :)

  19. I would love to go because I think my family would have a blast! Cheering on a team would probably be their favourite part!

  20. My husband and oldest daughter have been, the rest of the family has not. I would love to go as a family. My kids would love the show the most, plus eating with their hands.

  21. I’d love to take my family because we love live entertainment. I’m sure my kids would love to eat their dinner with their hands!

  22. You should come with us to SCA events if you are fascinated with the Medieval period! SCA = Society for Creative Anachronisms: http://www.sca.org/. I would love to get family passes! My kids keep wanting to come with us to SCA events but they are usually a few hours away and that’s hard on my special needs kids. Toronto is less than an hour…that’s VERY doable.

  23. My son & I love horses, so we’d love to see all the beautiful ones in the show.

  24. I’d love to be able to bring dd and some of her new friends from her new school so that I get a chance to know them!

  25. I have been, but Wendy and the girls haven’t. When the girls saw some of the pictures i took, they told me they would live to go.

  26. M would Looooooove the horses!!!! She totally has a thing for them!!!

  27. I have three boys who would love to see a real live knight! ;)

  28. I have heard nothing but great things about Medieval Times that I think it would be great cultural experience for my kids. I think they’ll love the knights and horses and the jousting.

  29. Seeing everyone eat with their hands!

  30. For my kids it will be a tie between the food and the horses. :)

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