Eat Locally ~ #WordlessWednesday with Linky

Have you ever stopped to really look at an egg before?  They’re so perfect and so beautiful.  Each one is so unique.

We get our eggs from Hubby’s sister, who as chickens.  We also get eggs from Blue Jay Creek Art Farm.  For the most part, we try to grow what we can and eat and buy locally as much as we can.

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  2. says

    We get organic at the grocery store, and when we can, from the Farmers’ Market. I don’t claim that I can really tell the difference (I know, I should, but I don’t much, except that the whites in really fresh eggs are kind of weird to me…). Mostly, I want the chickens to be treated better, so I’ll pay extra for that.

    • says

      Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, but generally organic eggs seem to have better flavour (in my opinion, at least) . I also notice the difference in the yolks when cooking. It’s hard to explain. Ah…I want to go to your house for supper, J! Your recipes always make me hungry.

  3. says

    As much as possible, we try to eat locally. In season, we visit a local Farmer’s Market every Saturday and stock up for the week.
    Eggs are such perfect creations and very beautiful in their simplicity!

  4. says

    Yes :) Love knowing where our food comes from. This is why I love growing our own produce!

    :) Love you! You are too cute! YES!!! I’m totally in awe of how beautiful those eggs are! I’m secretly jealous and want Martha’s home and garden! :)

    That’s for sure!!

  5. says

    Hubby asked me if I wanted to raise chickens this year on top of all the other things we do on the farm. To be honest, the beef farm is keeping us crazy busy, so I kind of like being able to get our eggs from my SIL or Blue Jay Creek Art Farm! :)

    :) I hear ya!! You can totally taste the difference, right?

    Sure does!! Can’t wait for all the produce to grow, grow, grow! Very excited! We’re not 100% self-sufficient by any means, but we grow what we can!

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