Chill to Win with @TimHortons! {Giveaway}

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I can almost feel it! Summer is almost here! Blue skies and lots of sunshine make me think that beach weather is just around the corner!

I have to say that warmer weather also makes me think of Tim Hortons Iced Capps and Raspberry Frozen Lemonade (which I dubbed #RasFroLem on Twitter last Summer)!  Okay, I won’t lie. I also drink Iced Capps in the cold Winter months because I love them.

I’m excited to share with you something super fun!

Chill to  Win with @TimHortons!

Throughout Chill to Win, Tim Hortons guests who purchase any sized Iced Capp have the chance to win thousands of hourly prizes, including digital cameras, Coleman beach kits, daily prizes of $1,000 and one of ten $10,000 MasterCard® Prepaid card grand prizes. Winning is easy – just peel the tab on the side of the cup to find a PIN code and enter this code at for the chance to win.

To help get you into the Summer spirit and enjoying those delicious Iced Capps, Tim Hortons is giving one very lucky Life on Manitoulin reader a gift basket!

The Tim Hortons gift basket includes:

  • 1 yoga mat
  • 1 beach tote
  • 1 $25 Tim Horton’s Gift Cards 
Looking forward to Summer days, chilling by the lake, the beach, the pool and sipping on Iced Capps! 
To Enter: Fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Open to residents of Canada. 
XOXO, Christine


  1. $10,000? How is this a question? :)

  2. I would love to win one of the 10,000 MasterCard Grand Prizes. It would be great to buy part of a newer vehicle.

  3. Ummm….$10,000!

  4. The cash prize for sure!

  5. definitely the $10 000!!

  6. Of course I would be most excited to win the grand prize.
    angela mitchell

  7. I soooooo could use the $1,000 prize right now , that would be awesome

  8. since i’m not likely going to win the 10,000 grand prize. i’d be excited to win the 25$ tim card. it’d be great to have for raod trips

  9. The $10,000, of course! I would get a new car!

  10. I would be most excited to win the $10,000 prepaid MasterCard.

  11. I would like the $10,000 to help pay for our wedding!


  12. would love to win the 1000.00

  13. The $10,000 prize. If I won just the $25 gift card be happy.

    Florence C

  14. I’d be thrilled with the $25 gift card….. 5 free ice caps, one for everyone in my family ftw! :)

  15. I’d be thrilled with just the $25 card…. 5 free icecaps ftw!

  16. I would like to win the cash because my son is going off to college and we could use the $$$ to help him furnish his new place.

  17. Most definitely the $10000, would be so awesome, so many things we could do with that kind of cash!

  18. Ummm CASH! but anything is always nice :)

  19. The $10,000 mastercard, this will buy a lot.

  20. who is going to lie, it has to be the 10,000 pre-paid Mastercard

  21. $10,000 big ones would be um great!!!lol
    via Rhonda W G.

  22. I’d be so excited to win any of the prizes, $1000 sounds fantastic!! :)

  23. Definitely the $10 000 as it would change our lives

  24. I am most excited about the cash as we are redoing out backyard and that is sure to be expensive.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  25. The $10000 mastercard prepaid of course!

  26. Most excited about the prepaid Mastercard. Would use it to go on a mini shopping spree :)

  27. I am definitely most excited about the $10,000 prepaid mastercard. Id buy a dyson for my mom first then I don’t know what else.

  28. A $25 gift card would be nice :) That way I could get a iced mocha latte and have a panni sandwich…yum.

  29. I would be amazed to win the grand prize of 10,000.

  30. It would sure be nice to win the $10,000 Prepaid Mastercard. We could get some car repairs done we keep putting off and we would have some fun money for some new furniture.

  31. Like everyone else I’m most excited about the $10,000 Prepaid Master Card. It would go towards a new car that we so badly need.

  32. the prepaid master card – mu husband needs a new laptop

    meikleblog at gmail dot com

  33. the $10K Prize is always helpful-but the bon jovi concert looks awesome too

  34. Would love the $10,000 grand prize…I could do a lot with that cash!!

  35. the grand prize would be amazing

  36. Definitely the $10 000 pre-paid gift card, why? causes who doesn’t like money!

  37. 10,000 prepaid mastercard would be such a blessing, but I would feel happy with any of the prizes! I love Tim’s

  38. The 10000 of course :)

  39. 10,000 mastercard!! Oh ya baby!!!!!

  40. $10,000 Grand Prize is awesome!

    ( – rafflecopter)

  41. The $1,000 or the $10,000 is a a great prize to win because everyone is excited to get money!

  42. I am excited about the $10,000 grand prize

    Ted Kooper

  43. the mastercard :))

  44. The digital Camera would be AWESOME! TY!

  45. The $10000 pre-paid Mastercard would be pretty awesome.

  46. 1 of $10,000 MasterCard® Prepaid Cards

  47. Bon Jovi concert would be very cool

  48. the $1000 cash – cash is king! no limitations.
    entering in rafflecopter as jen s.

  49. $10,000

  50. The reason I would love to win is because I am addicted to Tim Hortons.

  51. I would love to win the Grand prize but I would be content with the $1000 or even a $25 gift card for timmies :)

  52. Cash prizes are always exciting. I could do some home improvements with $10,000.

  53. I’m most excited about the $10 000 prepaid mastercard. I could pay for a holiday and still have money left over!

  54. I am of course most excited about the $10,000! Would thrill me all to heck!

  55. @plumerea

    Winning any kind of cash would be wonderful, but I love the prize you are giving away as well. Thanks for the chance to win and stay cool this Summer with Timmy’s.

  56. Well, This: $10,000 MasterCard® Prepaid card grand prize

  57. I would love the $1,000 cash prize as we are having our first baby at the end of the year and need to buy lots of stuff!!

  58. The $10000 mastercard prepaid of course!

  59. The daily cash prize would be wonderful!

  60. I would go on a trip if I won

  61. I’m most excited about the cash prizes!

  62. I am most excited about the $1,000 daily cash prize because that means a lot of chance to win!

  63. would love the money !!

  64. I am excited about a lot of the prizes but the one that catches my attention is The MasterCard Prepaid card value of $10,000.
    That would be so nice.


    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  65. This would be so much fun to do the Chill With Bon Jovi – A VIP Concert Experience! I love all his hit songs!

  66. okay cash is probably the best choice but if it was just for me…Bon Jovi for sure!! I can always find other ways to pay for college for the kids!

  67. most excited about the cash prize!

  68. The$10,000 prepaid Mastercard definitely caught my eye. Can you say bathroom renovation? A girl can dream…
    My rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  69. I’m most excited about the VIP Experience Prize to see Bon Jovi :)

  70. The $10,000 grand prize of course! :-)

  71. The prize I’m most excited about is the $10,000 prepaid MasterCard because I could do some nice shopping and sharing with that!

  72. The 10,000 of course, why because who couldn’t use money now a days!

  73. The $10,000 would be my favourite prize to win. With it I could pay off my debt and my kids debt.

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  74. The $10000 Mastercard I definitely have my eye on! I could use that money to buy a new car!

  75. The 10,000 MasterCard would be a dream to win. So many things that could be done with that.

  76. All very nice prizes but the $10,000 grand prize sounds like a nice family vacation!

    tammy dalley on rafflecopter

  77. Honestly I would be happy with anything including a $25 timmies card :)

  78. 10 000 MC sounds pretty amazing

  79. Obviously, like everyone else, I’d love to win the money to ensure myself some financial security, but I’d also love to win the Lumix camera because it’s durable and sturdy.

  80. $25 Tim’s cards are great secondary prizes!

  81. I am most excited about the $10,000 grand prize!!!…because I could do a lot with that,,it would help me with renovating my home.

    (Karla Sceviour)

  82. Money, oh, it would be so much easier to support my kids in university.

  83. I want the $10,000 grand prize. That is the most excited. But the chance of winning this…lol

    Narathip Wall
    polo_wataga at yahoo dot com

  84. who wouldn’t want to win the grand prize draw. I could redo my kitchen

  85. The $ 10000 card would be amazing. I have lots of bills to pay plus I could pay it forward!

  86. I’m excited about the $10 000 pre-paid gift cards because it would make for an awesome shopping spree!

  87. I think I would die if I won the MC!!! :)

  88. the digital camera would be nice- and so would the $ to spend!

  89. I’m most excited about the $10000 mastercard because that would make for quite the shopping spree!

  90. I would love to win any of the prizes but the $10000 would really be nice!

  91. The daily cash prize of $1000 or the $10,000 MC are 2 prizes that I am really excited about.

  92. Iwould love to win the 10,000 mastercard, my fridge, washer and dryer are on the way out so it would be great :D

  93. I like all of the prizes but if I really had to pick just one it would be the $10,000 prepaid MasterCard, because I could buy the other prizes with it :)

  94. The $10,000 mastercard

    leannemacg at

  95. I am most excited about the $10000 grand prize in prepaid mastercard because I can’t even imagine what I would do with all that money if I won. It would probably allow me to finally renovate our kitchen!

  96. I would love the prepaid mastercard :).

  97. I am excited about the $10,000 grand prize because that is alot of money, could be a nice family vacation :-)

  98. I guess I’m most excited for the $10,000 grand prize (’cause you could purchase all the other prizes with it if you wanted, LOL!) :D Despite the odd cold weather, both TheHubs and I were jonesing for an Ice Capps last night. Its both awesome and scary that we can walk to our local Tims from home! ;)

  99. The $1,000 daily cash prize is VERY appealing!

  100. I’m excited about the prepaid MasterCard..

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