Happy 7th Birthday, Twitter!

This morning, when I read this post on Mashable, I got a little emotional. Yes, I know. A YouTube video about Twitter made me cry. Hey, I’m the girl who cries when I watch Tim Horton’s commercials!

In all seriousness, the birthday video for Twitter encapsulated seven years of our history as a group of people  with shared experiences…in a few seconds of video.

Twitter connects people and keeps us in touch with news, thoughts, and opinions in real time. It keeps us connected to the world at large.

It sounds odd to say, but Twitter has definitely changed my life. First and foremost, it has been a place where many friendships with like-minded people were made.

While I was on complete bed rest during pregnancy, Twitter helped me keep in touch with people and offered lots of support from tweeps around the world.

After I gave birth to a preemie, Twitter was a place where I connected with other parents of preemies who knew what it was like to live with a baby in the NICU and to worry about our babies just making it through another day.

Twitter has also given my opportunities to cultivate and maintain relationships that are work-related. I have actually put my teaching job aside in the past two years to work in social media and digital marketing as a community manager for a few brands.

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Happy 7th Birthday, Twitter!

A Self-Proclaimed Twitter Lover

Are you a Twitter fan too? What do you love about Twitter?


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    Aw, I loved hearing the story of how Twitter made you feel connected when you were on bedrest. :) That’s really what Social Media is all about – sharing with others and becoming part of a community.

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    Aw, great post! I think we met via twitter before Facebook etc through blogging :)
    Twitter is great although sometimes I feel as though I am chatting with myself. I have done that, LOL! No one seems to care or notice. Glad I don’t take it too seriously.

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    WOW 7 years!!! I’ve only been a tweeter for 2! I never knew it existed before a friend made me sign up and now I can’t live without it! I love it for the friends i’ve met, the contacts I’ve formed and the fun I’ve had!

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