#WordlessWednesday ~ Why We Love Teachers

Perhaps this isn’t such a “wordless” Wednesday kind of post, but this video was shared by +Natalie Rea on Twitter last night, and I just had to share it.

1. I’m a West Island girl and can’t resist sharing posts related to people or things from my old ‘hood.
2. I think we need to remember all the many reasons why teachers are so important in our children’s lives.

WARNING: Break out the Kleenex! You’ll need it!

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    Yes! Totally made me cry. I have had a few teachers in my life who have had an incredible impact on my life. I will always remember them for that.

    Thank you. You are so right! Hope you share this too!

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    Oh wow! Thank you for sharing this. Especially with everything going on with teachers in Ontario right now, this is a reminder to us all what a teacher’s priority is! But, it is also so much more.

    Very emotional and I’m inspired to share it as well. I will be giving you props next Wednesday on my blog, hon!

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