1. I love apple cinnamon. I put my kids to bed and light candles all over. Such a nice feeling. :)

  2. Best time, shiny too!

  3. We took the girls sledding the other day and 20 minutes after getting home Daddy and the girls were passed out on the couch all curled up together. Playing in the snow is hard work!

  4. fun day! We had fun in the snow too, 2 yr old has been waiting for snow to make snow angels.

  5. Nothing better for zonking out kids than a good dose of playing outside in the winter!!

  6. snow really is tiring! lol Happy new year babe!

  7. Hooray for snow!!

  8. Natalie:
    Thanks so much for popping by and linking up! I’m looking forward to getting to know you better in 2013 :)

  9. First time “linking” up with ya, it won’t be the last! #2013Goal :)

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