Things My Toddler Taught Me

Toddlers have the funniest dreams!  The first words out of Little One’s mouth when she woke up this morning were, “Chicken! Chicken, please!!!”

Toddlers can communicate effectively with  minimal words. “Bird fly sky” means “Birds fly in the sky” or “The bird is flying in the sky”.

Toddlers are capable of demonstrating a tremendous amount of love.  The sweetest thing I’ve ever witnessed is Little One hugging and kissing her Grandpa and saying, “I love you, Grampy!”

Toddlers just have to dance whenever they hear music. It’s absolutely beautiful how they have no inhibitions. I wonder at what point in our lives we become self-conscious and worry about what others will think if we just start rockin’ it out whenever we hear a catchy tune?

Toddlers amaze me.



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