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Friends of ours are getting married, and we hosted a Stag and Doe for the husband and wife-to-be on the weekend.

For those unfamiliar with a Stag and Doe (Ahem! Canine!), it’s basically a fundraiser for the couple before their wedding. According to Wikipedia, a Stag and Doe (aka: Buck and Doe, Jack and Jill party) is a popular Canadian/Southern Ontario tradition. Funny, because prior to moving to Northern Ontario, I had never heard of such a thing.

The entire concept is completely foreign to me. For instance, tickets are sold for the event in order to raise money for the couple. There are games, draws, and auctions for which the proceeds go to the bride and groom as well. Basically, it is an opportunity to get together with friends/family/co-workers/strangers/people in your community, dance, drink, and be merry.

Anyway, my wonderfully talented friend, Maria made this for me (as my present for the bride and groom).

Isn’t she talented!?!?!

XOXO, Christine


  1. No offense but that bride was a total wet blanket. Didn’t so much as say thank you – I said “that is a gorgeous cake. It was so nice of your friend to do all this for you” and she didn’t even say anything in response. Weirdo. We left early in case you were looking for us. Heard the after party rocked though! No wet blankets hanging out there no doubt..

  2. Cherry:
    I’m just glad it was Maria who made the cake and not me! LOL! I don’t have the patience (or the talent) for something so detailed and intricate. Gah! She’s the expert. Certain things are left better in the hands of others! LOL!

  3. Nope. Never heard of it either. Fascinating! and that cake is BEAUTIFUL! I love that shade of green and the gum paste and piping work is great. Love the design.

  4. Hi, I am back again – have been away in the UK and France for 6 weeks or so.

    Love the cake – you have a talented friend!

  5. I’ve never heard of such a thing, but what a great idea! And that cake was gorgeous!!!!

  6. C that is one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen! What a great gift. I’ve never heard of a Stag and Doe party, Jack and Jill yes but not Stag and Doe. Interesting how it is a fundraiser for the couple. I hope you enjoyed the party.


  7. J:
    Me neither. Like I said, the concept of having a fundraiser for a wedding is foreign to me. However, when in Rome… :)

    Oh, and it’s not like a wedding shower. The couple is going to be having a bridal shower next month too.

  8. Elisabeth:
    I know, right!?! Crazy! When my friend showed me the finished product, I was shocked! It’s beautiful! I’m thinking she would make amazing wedding cakes!!!!!

  9. Jane:
    They have Jack and Jill parties where you guys are? Awesome. They are fun. The games we played were hilarious. xo

  10. Canine:
    No worries :) I actually had to look it up. I had never heard of such a thing either. Where I’m from, we have bridal showers and bachelorette/bachelor parties, but nothing really with the intention of raising funds. I’m wondering if it’s a rural thing. Someone mentioned that it is just another excuse to have a dance! :)

  11. That is a GORGEOUS cake.

    I’ve never heard of a fundraiser for a couple…is that like a wedding shower, but with money instead of gifts? Then is there a shower as well, or just instead?

  12. ModernMom:
    Thank you :) My friend who made that cake also made Little One’s Baptism cake and 1st Birthday cake!

  13. Dina:
    Soooooo pretty! To tell you the truth, I was so busy that night that I didn’t really get to taste the cake. Apparently it was good! The cake was a hit with all the guests!

    Yes, the stag and doe. Nobody I know/knew in the city had such an event. Maybe it’s not a Filipino or Chinese thing either! I’ve been told that it’s pretty common in rural areas though.

  14. Christine:
    I was so worried it would melt and fall apart en route! I went to Gore Bay to pick it up! I had a minor meltdown when I got the cake home and before I took it to the curling rink! The top layer had shifted and almost fell off the bottom layer and the decorative icing reeds, mushrooms and flowers started to peel off of the cake!!! Ahhhhh! I was in tears! Luckily my husband has a cool head and took care of my minor catastrophe.

    Don’t know how people on Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes do it!

  15. What incredible edible art! How is that even possible?

  16. Oh my! That is a work of art for sure! I would have felt badly carving it! I have heard of these parties as Jack and Jill parties. Fun!

  17. hi c – what a gorgeous cake! love the fondant decorations. your friend has mad skillz!

    thanks for explaining that…no one here in california does that. def. not in san diego! interesting!

    word ver:

  18. Your friend is super talented! What a fabulous gift:)

  19. oh yeah- and i’ve never been to a stag and doe! Nobody i know had such an event! Maybe it’s not a jewish thing!?!?!

  20. looks so amazing!! was it as delish as it was pretty???

  21. That is just incredible!
    With the heat and humidity this past weekend it is a wonder that the decorations withstood.

    Very talented indeed!

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