Summer’s Here!!!

When I was a kid, I remember the last day of school being bittersweet. I looked forward to having the summer off, but knew I’d miss my classmates, teachers, and being in school. Yes, I was a weird kid. I actually liked loved school!

Summers were spent going on family vacations, hanging out with friends, going swimming, and just having fun.

Our family used to go camping at Algonquin Park, Gatineau Park, and even down in the States.

What will you be doing with your kids this summer? Will you be taking any road trips? Speaking of road trips, check out my latest article here.


  1. hotmommy says

    we’re taking the kids to niagara falls, to the cottage and to canada’s wonderland this summer. other then that no plans other then them playing in the pool or with friends.

    congrads on the article so proud of you!

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