Oh, Mommy Brain…How I Love Thee!

Scene: Our farm. Walking towards the barn with my old roomies from when I lived in Toronto, their kids, Hubby, Little One. On our way to show the kids the tractors and the bull.

Dani: (whispering) C, do you have any “pee oh pee cee oh ar en?”

Me: (extremely confused) HUH!? I’ve never heard of that before. I have no idea if we have that on the Island or not.

Dani: (laughing hysterically) C! P-O-P-C-O-R-N!!! I just didn’t want to say it out loud in case you didn’t have any. I didn’t want the kids to hear.

Me: Ohhhhhh! Now I get it! (laughing)

Dani: (still laughing) C! Some English teacher you are!!!

Facebook thread with a few of my gal pals.

SuperAmazingMommy: Ok, here’s the scoop. We HAVE to set a date for pie!!!! Sunday July 11th? Or does someone have a better suggestion?

E: Sunday is fine with me!

Me: Sounds perfect. I think I work that day until 11AM though. Sometime after that okay? :) Thanks!

Maria: I don’t know if I can or not… so many family birthdays that weekend.. Remember M & A’s party is on the 10th!!!

Me: AHHH! Sorry, no can do! Thanks for reminding me, Maria!!! M’s b-day on Sat AND I’m throwing a stag and doe for L and K on Sat (10th), and Sunday the 11th there’s a baby shower for a friend in Wiki. Ahhhh…I almost forgot! Okay, so the 11th is not good for me after all. :(

Maria: You are so funny! How can you forget ALL of that!!!

Me: LOL! It’s either Mommy Brain or I’ve got too much on my plate. Or both. Bahhh.

Phone conversation with a friend.

Maria: So, we need to talk about this cake.

Me: What cake?

Maria: The one you asked me to make for an upcoming event!

Me: Oh, my goodness! I forgot that I asked you to bake a cake for me! Thanks for reminding me!

Seriously, these days it seems that if my head weren’t attached to me, I wouldn’t know where it was. *sigh*


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    :) Oh, thank goodness I’m not the only one then! :) The going from room to room to find something you just had in your hand moments before…sounds familiar! I do that all the time too! LOL! *sigh*

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    hahaha I have moments like this too. I am forever losing my best knife in the kitchen, or going from room to room to find something I’d just had in my hand moments before. It’s very frustrating.

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