Conversations with Hubby

Me: (in shock) Why does our daughter have a huge bruise and scratch on her face?!?!

Hubby: (rather nonchalantly) Oh. She fell off my chair and landed on her face.


Scene: The morning after our final Burns Wharf Theatre performance

Hubby: Are you going to take a shower?

Me: I can’t. I’m meeting the girls for brunch at Loco Beanz and I’m late! (I did wash my face and brush my teeth, by the way!) Why?

Hubby: Oh. It’s just that you’ve got streams of sparkles all over your face.

Ack! Can’t seem to lose those fairy sparkles!!!


(Hubby looking lovingly at his wife as she puts on her make-up and fixes her hair for a friend’s 40th birthday bash)

Hubby: You look beautiful, Honey.

Me: What do you want?


Hubby: We have such a good life. We have a beautiful, smart, healthy daughter. We have each other.

Me: (bursting out in laughter) You’re right, Honey. We do have a wonderful life. It’s just not often that you come out with comments like that :)


Hubby: OH! DARN IT! Don’t take off your diaper. Hey! Get your hand out of there. Oh, no! Don’t roll off the…bed. URGH! That’s a NASTY diaper.

Me: Go figure! The one diaper you got to change all day and it was a nasty one. LOL!!!

Little One exits her room, smiling…and naked. Crazy girl. Toddlers are hilarious.


  1. says

    The diaper one reminds me of Ted’s nightmare…real life nightmare, that is…when he was frustrated with her and put her in her crib so he could just lay down and chill for a minute. It got too quiet, and he looked around the corner, and she had taken off her diaper, and had TASTED her poop. GROSS! He said he almost drowned her, getting it out of her mouth. Ugh.

    Lesson? Babies need to wear onsies. Then they can’t take off their diaper. Hopefully.

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