Why I Love Jeanna

Jeanna loves candy. Chocolate is candy. Chocolate makes me happy…
except when I’m pregnant. When I’m pregnant, chocolate makes me very unhappy (as in very sick and nauseous kind of unhappy). Isn’t that sad?

I love Jeanna because she is great with leaving comments on my blog. We seem to go back and forth with our jokes and banter on each other’s blogs. I like that because it makes my comments section look less empty than it really should look. Have I ever told you how much it annoys me when people don’t leave comments? Yes, I know you’re lurking! I happen to know of many friends, family and students who read my blog and don’t comment. That’s sort of like voyeurism, isn’t it? Yes, Hubby…that means you too! I know you lurk!

Where was I? Oh yes! I love Jeanna because she is funny, witty, a total pro with the camera, a fellow dog lover, a weaver of stories and tales, and did I mention that she really knows her candy? She’s one of the only people I’ve conversed with in North America who knows what Hi-Chews are!!!

(Photo from Google Images)

When I taught in Japan for two years, my students used to come in bearing presents for me all the time. Some of the students used to bring me flowers, stuffed animals, jewelry, and candy. I don’t think I was supposed to tell you about the jewelry part. Hey, at least I didn’t mention the taking me on trips or dinners part! Oops! I just did!

Anyway, among these treats were some Hi-Chew candies of different flavours. I’m telling you, these candies put Starburst candies to shame! They really do! They are filled with flavour and the texture of these candies…ooooooh! The candies just seem to melt in your mouth. Coming from me, this says a lot because I’m not much of a “sweets” or “candy” kinda gal. I do have the occasional weakness for really good chocolate though. Not too often, but every now and then I can do with a really good Cow Pie from the Baraboo Candy Company (introduced to me by Jeanna, of course)!

After hearing all about Jeanna and her candy, don’t you want to pop on over and say hi? Go on, check her out! I know you wanna!


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    Oh! Thanks for letting me know about that! :) I’m glad I’m not the only one whose family members don’t leave comments for! :)

    That grandson of yours is such a cutie!! XO

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    Hey, Jimbo! LOL! I somehow knew you were going to say something like that! I don’t think Jeanna’s seen that comment yet, otherwise she would have commented! ๐Ÿ˜‰ XOXO

    P.S. I’ll post a Why I Love Jimmy post sometime soon :) You and Jeanna keep my comments section interesting with all the back and forth stuff going on!

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    Yeah, Jeanna’s pretty cool, isn’t she? Her blog is awesome too. Every time I hop on over there, I feel like a kid again. Oh, how we used to love going to the candy shop to blow our allowance on candy! Back then, you could get candy for 1 cent, 5 cents, etc. Now it’s crazy expensive!

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    Ooooooooooh…how I envy you! :) I WISH I were able to tolerate chocolate right now!

    When my mom was pregnant with my youngest brother, she craved HOT FUDGE SUNDAES at McDonald’s! I remember her dragging my middle brother and me out of bed and making us go to McDonald’s with her (in our pajamas at 10PM or sometimes even later)!!!

    With middle bro, she craved steak and with me it was chocolate glazed donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts! I don’t like donuts and rarely have them, but if I ever eat any, for some reason I only eat chocolate glazed! LOL! Weird!

    Ha! The jimmies! I remember ready that in one of your posts!! :)

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    Ohhhhhhh! Please don’t remind me! LOL! Oh, the torture of not being able to even like or enjoy chocolate!!! This weird aversion to chocolate during pregnancy really disgusts me! LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I still have to buy Chocolate-opoly! I love playing Monopoly with our nieces, so CHOCOATE-opoly sounds even more fun!!

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    I saw this new TV show the other night (can’t remember the name though). Hubby’s really into shows like CSI, Bones, House, Forensics, etc. This was something like those shows. Anyway, there was this woman in the show who wasn’t pregnant but had intercourse with this guy and all of a sudden she was in terrible pain and her stomach started growing really huge, really quickly. She gets to the hospital and the doctors tell her she’s 9 months pregnant and ready to deliver! She’s screaming her head off and they deliver the baby. She dies in the process. Nice! Just what an expectant mama needs to see, right?

    Turns out the baby was growing at a phenomenal rate. Within 3 hrs, it was 80 years old or something.

    I don’t know why I just told you that. LOL!

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    I was exactly the opposite with my guilty little chocolate obsession while pregnant… especially with my little darling Janie! Each day, on my way home from school, I would stop for a large chocolate ice cream cone with chocolate jimmies (that’s “sprinkles” for anyone living outside of Rhode Island!)… Ah!

    Jeanna brings me back to my childhood and the corner candy store in my neighborhood… I LOVE it!

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    Her site is very nice. :) Anything with candies or chocolate!

    Oooh, if chocolate makes you sick, maybe you stick to playing Chocolate-opoly instead. This way you can imagine what chocolcate tastes like, but not have to actually eat any. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Oh, you are the greatest! :) I’m sorry I can’t eat chocolate either! I never thought in a million years that chocolate would make me sick!! *really sobbing*

    Thank you for your comments…and for being so kind as to not annoy a pregnant woman today :) Actually, I’m annoyed that I get so annoyed by everything these days! Does that make any sense at all? Let’s just say that my tolerance level for basically everything these days is next to nil. I hope this passes, as I don’t like being annoyed all the time! LOL!

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    I’ll have to write a “Why I Love Cherry” post someday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ooooooooh! You just made me really jealous when you mentioned going to your Asian Market! *sobs* My Asian Market is in Toronto…a 6 hr drive from this island!!! I bet you’d find Hi-Chew candies there! Lucky you!

    Let me know what you think of Jeanna’s blog. Pretty cool, eh? She’s so darn funny too!

    P.S. When you mentioned brownies the other day, I could TOTALLY smell the aroma of freshly baked brownies wafting through the air! Boy, the power of suggestion is really strong! ;p

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    LOL! You’re too funny! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Speaking of funny, “Junior” is kicking up a storm as I blog! Well, maybe not “kicking”, but he or she is certainly moving like crazy in there! It’s kind of neat, really. It feels like I’ve got an alien inside me. It’s the neatest sensation. Just hope I don’t end up like Sigourney Weaver in “Aliens”!

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    I’m sorry you can’t eat chocolate now.

    I know that was a pretty lame thing to type but I’m afraid not to leave a comment. Must not annoy pregnant lady.

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    Ohh! Minus the fact that my teeth are suddenly sensitive to sugar (Rude I know!) those Hi-Chews sound yummy!
    I do love Starbursts though. I’ll have to look for them in my Asian Market.

    And Jeanna’s page is loading as I type this…

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