Just another day at the beach

School’s out for summer!

What to do with kids on a hot summer day? Head to the beach, of course! We usually go to my favourite spot on the Island, but today we decided on a change of location. Our nieces (Toad and Pook) and I went to Providence Bay and the beach was filled with families out enjoying the sun and the water. I’m a little bit biased and still think Carter Bay is the most beautiful spot ever! The water is so clear and the beach is always less crowded. We took a stroll on the boardwalk and went to the Interpretive Center.
We hung out at the beach for a few hours. The water was really refreshing. I was expecting it to be cooler than it was. There were loads of people swimming, but we just went in knee deep.

Before we went to the beach, the nieces and I made some homemade strawberry popcicles. Remember that massive strawberry craving I’ve been having all week? Well out of the six quarts of strawberries we bought, we had a quart and a half left over. Thanks to a comment from Louann, the girls and I were inspired to make a nice, cool, refreshing treat for ourselves to enjoy after spending the day out in the sun.

Pook was my big helper and hulled the strawberries. We put them into the blender with a speck of sugar and some milk.
Pook then poured the strawberry mixture into the popcicle molds and then we popped them into the freezer.



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    Tee hee! For sure! Send them over…but you should come too! A family trip to your neighbours to the north sound fun, doesn’t it? Well, I’m sure they’d rather go to Disney World, but you guys would have fun here too :)

    Mmmmmmmmm!!! That sounds great! I used skim milk in mine too, but the kefir sounds great!!

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    yum.. those popcicles look totally yummy. I’m lazy.. i just buy kiefer or is it keifer… strawberry or raspberry flavor.. i thin it with some skim milk and put that in my popcicle maker… yours is a great idea!…

    good way of using left over fruit too!

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    Thank you for mentioning adding milk and a bit of sugar to the strawberries and then freezing them! They make the most delicious popsicles! We didn’t put much sugar at all because the strawberries were already really sweet. It was so nice to get home and have a nice, cool strawberry popsicle after the beach!

    “Ice lollies”! I like that! The first time I had ever heard popsicles being referred to as “ice lollies” was when I was teaching ESL to some students and the textbook that the school was using was British. All the expressions and vocabulary were in British English, so I actually had to look up what “ice lolly” meant! LOL!

    I remember you sent me some photos you took of Providence Bay (they were in the package you sent me with all the lovely bath stuff)! Hopefully one day you’ll be able to make your way back to Prov for a visit and to rehash old childhood memories :) Until then, enjoy your new adventures on the East Coast! I am so looking forward to updates and photos! xoxo

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    Lisa Marie:
    The strawberry popsicles were deeeeeeeeelish! The girls had fun making them, but eating them was even more fun!! :)

    Ohhhh! I’m so jealous! Make sure you take lots of photos of your trip to Phuket!!! How long is Rob’s CELTA course?

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    hot mommy:
    LOL! Somehow I had a feeling you were going to ask that question! :) You should ALL come up sometime this summer!

    Mmmmmm! I was actually thinking of going out and getting ANOTHER flat of strawberries! I love, love, love fresh strawberries!

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    That was a GREAT idea for the strawberries! Yum, and I love your blender. You are making me jealous with those beach pictures. I was in the water the other day and all I could think of was the movie Bloodhook.

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    Oh I love Providence Bay!! Those pictures bring back memories! We stayed there one year when I was 12,we stayed at Sullivan’s cottages, and I still keep in touch with them. I hope you are doing well, I can remember very well the all day sickness!! Blech!! It is all going to be worth it in the end!!


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    Hi C!
    Don’t you just love school break? No more waking up early and cramming to go to school?? My husband woke up today, the first day of his school break, with a twinkle in his eyes. So yes, we are going to Phuket next Saturday, can’t wait :)

    Btw, going to Phuket is not 100% holiday, the husband is taking his CELTA course at the British International School in Phuket.

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    Thanks for the idea. I opted for a large flat of strawberries and this will be a perfect way to finish using them all.

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