kinder surprise minions

Minions are here! #KinderMom

It seems like everywhere I look, I spy Minions!  Minions are here!  Yes, even on Manitoulin Island! Little One was so excited to see special Minion KINDER® SURPRISE® eggs at our local store.  We had to get a few because she wanted to collect them all.  Who isn’t crazy for those adorable, funny little guys? Have […]


Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants!

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about how something so little can have a big impact on the world.  Okay, one would think I was referring to perhaps teaching Little One that though she is one person and may feel small, she is capable of doing great things.  Right?  Well, that is true.  However, I […]

barbie superstyle

Encouraging my child’s individual #SuperStyle

I think it’s safe to say that my six year old has very eclectic taste when it comes to fashion.  She has never been a follower of all that is popular and often goes against the grain. I feel guilty that I sometimes wish she wouldn’t be so headstrong and “unique”, and that she would […]

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garlic scape pesto pasta 1

Quick and Easy Garlic Scape Pesto

Before I share with you my garlic scape pesto recipe, let me begin with a story. When I was in university, a friend of mine and I were deep in conversation one night, discussing everything from written works like The Iliad and Beowulf to the art work of Kandinsky, Dali, Cézanne and van Rijn.  Oh! To be young and […]


Celebrating Father’s Day with Summer Fresh #FreshBBQ

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate Dad. Though we appreciate the important men in our lives every day, Father’s Day is a great time to remind them of how special they really are to us.  In our family, we celebrate with gathering together and sharing a meal.  On special occasions like Father’s Day, we let […]

Lemon Pudding Cake1

Lemon Pudding Cake

I don’t really know what to call this recipe, but my six year old daughter calls it Lemon Pudding Cake. Little One and I have similar taste when it comes to food.  We both prefer tart over sweet and we both really love anything lemon-flavoured.  In fact, we’d be the ones eating the lemon curd […]

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Celebrating Canada Day #GTCanadaProud

The  end of school is here and thus begins our Summer vacation!  We’re kicking things off with our Canada Day celebrations. Earlier this month, we talked about how to celebrate Canada Day with Giant Tiger.   Giant Tiger has everything to help your family celebrate Canada Day.  If you love entertaining and celebrating outdoors with […]

mixed feeding 1

Mixed Feeding for a Healthy Pet #mixedfeeding

My eldest (canine) baby will be thirteen years old this year.  Chance (hence my Twitter handle, @chancesmommy) is my first baby.  He’s been with me through thick and thin; good and bad; for better and for worse.  Chance has been my confidant and companion and now he prides himself in being Little One’s protector. Though […]

patio entertaining cover

7 Tips for Perfect Patio Entertaining

School is almost out and Summer is officially here!  There’s nothing better than spending the afternoons out on the patio with loved ones. We spend a lot of time on our patio.  As soon as the weather warms up, we’re out there having dinner every evening.  My patio is also my oasis.  It’s a place I […]

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Merida Disney 2015

Disney World & Family Time

Our Disney story began a few years ago, when Little One was a pint-sized tot, totally in awe of all things Disney.  A friend gave her Wall-E and a family gave her UP.  The rest was history…or, just the beginning!  Soon after, Little One just had to collect as many Disney DVDs as possible.  She also REALLY […]


Lobster Chowder

After spending a week on Prince Edward Island, I really miss having fresh seafood every day.  Since I am suffering from PEI withdrawal, I just had to whip up this delicious Lobster Corn Chowder for my family.  True, it just isn’t the same as having fresh lobster from PEI cooked for me, but this recipe from […]


The Magic of Prince Edward Island #travel #PEI

There’s a certain charm to Prince Edward Island that visitors are aware of as soon as they set foot on the island. From the red sand shores and farmers’ fields, to the great sand dunes at Dalvay, every which way you look, there are stunning vistas. It is a veritable feast for the eyes. The […]

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Farm Life


Canadian Beef Twitter Chat! #CDNbeefchat

As a city girl who married a beef farmer, I’ve made it my duty to immerse myself in all things beef farming.  Yes, for those of you who knew me in my former life as a world traveler and literary egghead, you are likely shocked at the life I now live.  On our family farm, […]

farm mom cover

What is a Farm Mom?

The following post is written by contributor, Jill from Crooked Lake Farm.  Jill shares stories of the real side of farming and life on a farm. To read more, follow her on her blog and engage with her on Twitter. What is a farm mom? Often she wears many hats. Some farm moms work off […]

Farm Fridays

Who Are You?

The following post is written by contributor, Jill from Crooked Lake Farm.  Jill shares stories of the real side of farming and life on a farm. To read more, follow her on her blog and engage with her on Twitter. Okay, so now you have “Who Are You” by The Who running through your head. […]

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