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Thankful Thursday

I know that parenting is not easy and we’re constantly learning how to parent the best we can.  After an extremely busy work week and after the time change last weekend, the energy in this house has  been a bit “off”.  Little One has been extremely tired and emotional.  She’s happy and laughing one minute […]

clean water day

Clean Water Family Kindness Challenge #PGMom

Little One was asked me what the definition of an oath was.  The simple answer for a six year old to understand is “an oath is like a promise”. Me: You know in Sparks, you say a special oath? Little One: Yes. It’s “I promise to share and be a friend”. Me: That’s right. Does […]

Ice Caves Cover

Ice Caves on Manitoulin Island

People often ask me what there is to do on Manitoulin Island in the Winter.  True, many of the businesses are closed until tourist season starts again in May, but there’s always something going on!  If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and love keeping active with your family, you have got to check out the ice […]

Treehouse giveaway

Treehouse Fun for the Family this Easter! {Giveaway}

Little  One is a big Treehouse fan.  She loves Max and Ruby, Franklin, and all her other favourite Treehouse friends.  I also enjoy snuggling with her and watching some shows together.  Quality kids’ TV shows are a good thing!  I’m very particular of what she watches and I absolutely love the shows Treehouse has for […]

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Easter Treats 2

26 Fun Easter Treats!

The weather is warming up, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping!  It’s definitely starting to feel like Spring! When I think Spring, I think of grass peeking through the snow and flowers blooming. I also think about Easter dinner with family and all the dishes to make!  We love sharing a meal […]

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Best Ribs Ever!

For those who grew up in Montreal, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed many a meal at Bar-B-Barn.  I remember going to Bar-B-Barn as a kid.  It was near my Mom’s work, so we sometimes went there for dinner on a Friday night. Years ago, a friend e-mailed me a recipe similar to the one for Bar-B-Barn’s […]

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Mairlyn Smith’s Breakfast Grab-and-Gos

As busy working moms, I’m sure many of you are like me in that you ensure your family is fed before rushing out the door in the morning, but forget to feed yourself!  I’m really bad for this.  Oftentimes I even forget that I’ve made myself a tea and have to re-warm it three or […]

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canadian beef app

Canadian Beef Twitter Party! #CanadianBeefApp

Many of you know I’ve been a longtime supporter of Canadian Beef.  My husband comes from generations of beef farmers, so it’s a given! We raise cattle on Manitoulin Island. Canadian Beef represents the many Canadian Beef farmers and ranchers (and their families) across our nation. When Canadian Beef launched their #CanadianBeefApp, I made sure to […]

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Family, Friends and Community #ThankfulThursday

Remember that project I started two (maybe three) weeks ago?  With all the negativity in the world, I thought it was important for people to take the time to remember things to be thankful for.  Every Thursday I will be posting five things I’m thankful for and I would love it if you’d join me […]

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Merida Disney 2015

Disney World & Family Time

Our Disney story began a few years ago, when Little One was a pint-sized tot, totally in awe of all things Disney.  A friend gave her Wall-E and a family gave her UP.  The rest was history…or, just the beginning!  Soon after, Little One just had to collect as many Disney DVDs as possible.  She also REALLY […]


Lobster Chowder

After spending a week on Prince Edward Island, I really miss having fresh seafood every day.  Since I am suffering from PEI withdrawal, I just had to whip up this delicious Lobster Corn Chowder for my family.  True, it just isn’t the same as having fresh lobster from PEI cooked for me, but this recipe from […]


The Magic of Prince Edward Island #travel #PEI

There’s a certain charm to Prince Edward Island that visitors are aware of as soon as they set foot on the island. From the red sand shores and farmers’ fields, to the great sand dunes at Dalvay, every which way you look, there are stunning vistas. It is a veritable feast for the eyes. The […]

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Farm Life


Grain Farmers of Ontario ~ March Classic #GFOClassic

Hubby’s family has been farming for generations.  Though we live on a working beef farm and raise cattle, we also grow corn, barley and hay.  I know that there are many grain farmers of Ontario that produce far more grain than we do, but we produce grain nonetheless. Admittedly, I did not grow up on a […]

Farm Safety

Farm Safety Week

Did you know that the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) is a national organization dedicated to improving the health & safety of farmers, their families & workers?  With this week being Farm Safety Week (Agricultural Safety Week), farmers all over the nation are sharing how they keep their farms, their families, their workers, and themselves […]

Jill Crooked Lake Farm

Things You Wanted To Know About Cattle Liners

The following is a guest post by fellow farmer, Jill (from Crooked Lake Farm). For more Farm Fact Friday posts, make sure to visit Life on Manitoulin every Friday.  Many people see cattle liners while they are driving down the highway and question animal welfare. Are the cattle comfortable, are they safe? We transport our […]

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